Seminar “Smart Cities and the Future of Mobility”

Studiengang International Business Administration an der SRH-Hochschule Berlin

Modul Study Project: Research project.

How will cities of the future look like? One trendy concept is that of the “smart city”. We will examine the concept of the smart city, develop a critical perspective on that, get familiar with case studies in several cities and develop a catalogue of notions, questions and answers around this subject.

Course Goal

We will develop a scientific question ourselves, possibly linked to a real project, e.g. in Berlin and use techniques like expert interview, questionnaire, survey, data design methods etc. to create a document reflecting our findings.

Develop a scientific question in the subject of smart cities. Analyse certain aspects of the subject at hand, develop questionnaires, and do research bringing data to the debate. Through conducting interviews we will try to get to the core of today’s urban inhabitant’s needs and desires. We will help develop a concept for Berlin to become a pioneer in the fields marked by the three challenges. Develop a data-based reader for executives as well as the general public to understand better the challenges of the future of mobility and urbanization.

  • Questionnaire, development of a
  • Survey
  • Interview an expert
  • Graphical representation of your results