Seminar “Mobile App – Idea, Design, Prototyping”

BTK University of Art & Design – Hamburg

Module project workshop.

BTK University of Art & Design

The students get an introduction to the technical basics of smartphones (geolocation, sensor technology, interaction possibilities) as well as an overview of the economic and technical principles ruling the app world.

The acquired knowledge is implemented in a practical project. For an external customer (Projekt bits-Hochschule) a graphic concept is developed, basic user guidance is defined and implemented prototypically. The result is a prototype, realized as a web app, which is able to map the basic functionality and work on mobile devices. Presented at the end of the course is a short lecture and a live presentation of the app.

Fundamentals of user interface design and rapid prototyping for mobile devices are taught. In practical exercises, the process is learned from the idea to the implementation.