Liquid Video Festival

Timo Daum co-founded, co-curated and co-organized the LIQUID VIDEO FESTIVAL on latest tendencies in visual and sound design in 2006 and 2007 in Berlin. Talks, performances and presentations involving international visual artists were offered during the festivals.

Liquid Video – Latest Tendencies in Visual and Sound Design

The festival comprised symposia, lectures,  audiovisual concerts, DJ sets, VJ sets, electronic music and motion graphics. The events had an overall attendance of around 800 people, resulting in a successful recruiting campaign as well as a gain of prestige in the field for the newly founded BTK University of Applied Sciences.


Contributing Artists, Lecturers and Events

  • Pfadfinderei. VJ-crew. Presentation of current work.
  • Flora&Fauna. Motion Design Agency. Presentation.
  • Verena Dauerer, Journalist (de:bug , Page), Klaas Krüger, multimedia-artist and lecturer and Timo Daum: Introduction to the history of the audivisual moving image
  • Steffi & Steffi. Design-Agency and VJs, Berlin
  • Nils Dittbrenner,  University of  Lüneburg: „Audiovisual Art and Games”
  • Giraffentoast, Design agency, Hamburg: Presentation of current work.
  • Lillevan,  video artists, Berlin: Presentation of artistic work.
  • Ryoichi Kurokawa, video artist, Osaka: audiovisual concert
  • FUSS!, Madrid/Berlin: A/V concert
  • Apparat, electronic musician, Shitkatapult, Berlin: live set
  • C-TRL,  New York City: VJ-Set
  • phon.o.  electronic musician, Shitkatapult, Berlin: djset
  • raum313;  artist,  Berlin: audiovisual performance