Digital Economy – Managing the Digital World

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS INFORMATICS and E-BUSINESS are the more corporate oriented lecturing topics Timo Daum is covering since 2013 at SRH Hochschule Berlin both in English and in German.

Business Informatics

The foundation of today’s digital economy lies in the computer and its networking capabilities. The business informatics course offers an introduction to

  • Computer history
  • Foundations of informatics
  • Media informatics
  • Hardware and Software
  • The use of computers in the enterprise
  • Security
  • Cloud computing
  • Content management systems

Information Management

The lecture on INFORMATION MANAGEMENT gives a deep insight into the use of Information Systems for the achievement of strategic goals of the enterprise:

  • Information Systems
  • Information and organizations
  • Managing the digital firm
  • Managing the digital society
  • Innovation
  • Developing information systems
  • IT project management
  • Case studies on real estate, delivery of goods and disruptive innovation

Accompanying course workshop: WordPress blog, monitored with the online project management tool Asana.

Excursion to Projektron – a Berlin based firm developing customizable project management software while strongly relying on agile methods in IT development projects themselves.


The lecture on E-BUSINESS gives a deep insight into the net economy, payment processes and E-Commerce. An introduction to the use of social media in the enterprise is included in the course plan.

  • Information exchange – channels, media, interactivity
  • Net Economy – digital goods, platforms, business models
  • E-Procurement – system requirements, security, data formats
  • Processes, management and marketing in E-commerce
  • Electronic Commerce and Online Shops
  • SEO, SEM
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Social media in the enterprise
  • Technologies, business models and social impact of Web 2.0

Excursion to Votum Media, Berlin based agency specialized in brand communication and online marketing.

External lecture (N.N.): „Dos und Don‘ts for Enterprises in the social web“. Includes an accompanying workshop.