FUSS! Ambientador

Timo Daum is co-founder of the artist group FUSS!. Together with Raúl Marco Padilla and Guillermo López he developed Ambientador, an online audiovisual sequencer implemented with ActionScript.



Ambientador is a software which generates real-time audiovisual ambients. Audio and video are always synchronized resulting in an synaesthetic experience.

FUSS! live

Since 2005 FUSS! is performing live concerts and installations with Ambientador. Fuss! was invited to events and festivals like

  • Sonar (Barcelona, Spain) 2005
  • Mediafacades (Berlin, Germany) 2007
  • Mapping (Geneva, Switzerland) 2006
  • Audiovisiva (Milan, Italy) 2009
  • Continuum (Recife, Brazil) 2010
  • Decibelio Festival (Madrid, Spain) 2005
  • Sensomusic Festival (Madrid, Spain) 2005
  • Arte Nuevo Interactiva (Mérida, Mexico) 2006
  • Tilt Festival (Perpignan, France) 2010
  • Lunchmeet Festival (Prague, Cheque Republic) 2011
  • LEV Festival (Gijón, Spain) 2010

Installations, Mapping and Open Air Projections

Installations, live performances as well as projections on buildings were among the events celebrated with Ambientador software.