Conference: “Cultures of Artificial Intelligence”

Hybrid International Conference, 1./2. Dec 2022
Location: Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum/ museum x and online

My talk: Unboxing Machine Learning. Data Handling Toolbox and Digital Capitalism’s Go-To Machine
The conference will focus on a critical survey of the current field of action of Artificial Intelligence in museums and its future development. Which cultures of Artificial Intelligence have already developed? How are machine learning and deep learning being used in cultural productions and institutions? Can critical reflections lead to a better understanding of which forms of algorithmic culture are developing and what implications the use of these technologies entails? What new possibilities for action are conceivable through the use of artificial intelligence and can new approaches to culture be created with it? Is it already possible to identify which methods are particularly promising, practical or forward-looking? Under the three keywords Reflect, Empower and Next Intelligence, the conference aims to provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence in museums, to offer spaces for thought and exchange, and to create the necessary transparency for decisions about which algorithmic culture is being driven by the use of Artificial Intelligence procedures.