TALK: “Artificial Intelligence – Capital’s latest machine for the time being”

Conference Beyond the Phobia and Optimism
“Digital Transition & Post Capitalism”

30 and 31 of May 2019
Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives (IPEA),
Seoul, South Korea

Lecture series: Digital Economy and Social Transformation
May 30, Francisco Hall
With: Frank Engster, Min Geum, Phoebe V. Moore, Timo Daum

Roundtable: Digital Transition and Postcapitalism
May 31, Hankyoreh Chungam Hall
With: with Phoebe V. Moore, Timo Daum, Frank Engster, N.N.

Organized by:
Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives(IPEA)
Hankyoreh Economic & Society Research Institute (HERI)
In cooperation with: Hankyoreh daily newspaper