Talk “Künstliche Intelligenz – Heilsversprechen oder kapitalistische Maschine?”

Samstag, 2. Juli 2022, U | Kino Dortmund 19:00 Uhr

The HMKV cordially invites you to the cinema of the Dortmunder U (ground floor, admission from 18:30, start from 19:00) to the Lecture with Timo Daum Promise of salvation or capitalistic machine? Welcome and moderation by Francis Hunger, curator of House of Mirrors: Artificial Intelligence as Phantasm.

Registration is not required. The event will also be broadcasted as a live stream.

The mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing once called them “disorganised machines of type B”. A different name then prevailed, however, for computing machines that are able to recognise patterns in large amounts of data and change their behaviour as a result: Artificial Intelligence – a veritable marketing coup!

We are increasingly dealing with a serious technology that we encounter more and more often in the form of digital products and services. A technology that has become an everyday technology at the hands of the digital corporations. And which – conceivably far removed from fantasies of thinking machines – rather helps quite prosaically to consolidate the social contract of digital capitalism, which reads: data against convenience.

Artificial intelligence is the last innovation of digital capitalism for the time being, with which it wants to expand its globally dominant role in the economy and society, consolidate its business models and secure its exploitation model.

Welcome and moderation: Francis Hunger, curator of the exhibition “House of Mirrors: Künstliche Intelligenz als Phantasma”