About Me

Timo Daum is a lecturer, developer and media artist.
He teaches on digital economy and online technology.
He is currently working on digital Capitalism.

Quick Info (German)

Timo Daum’s short portrait including CV, credentials etc.: timodaum_portrait2015.pdf (German)


Timo Daum is an internationally esteemed lecturer for online development and audiovisual creation. He also teaches business informatics and topics related to the digital transformation.

Currently, he is teaching Information Systems at SRH-Hochschule Berlin, Creative Coding and App-Development at BTK-Hamburg, a seminar on service management at HTW as well as IT und data management at EMBA BerlinRead more about my lecturing experience

Digital Capitalism

Timo Daum celebrates talks on Digital Capitalism and publishes a series on the subject at dasfilter.de. He is a author, speaker and co-founder of the theory magazine karoshi.  Read more about my work on Digital Capitalism

Development & Projects

Timo Daum is an experienced developer and IT project coordinator and looks back on 15 years of experience in the field. He is a senior developer with an extended portfolio on interactivity for trade fairs, exhibitions and showrooms. Read more about my work as a digital deveoloper

Media Arts

Timo Daum looks back on an international career in live audiovisual performances as well as installations, workshops on several topics in the field of audiovisual art. Read more about my media arts projects