About Me

Timo Daum is is a university lecturer and focusses on the internet, media and the digital economy.

He publishes on topics of the digital economy, gives lectures and organizes conferences and workshops around questions of digital capitalism.

His most recent book on Artificial Intelligence and its relation to platform capitalism, “Die Künstliche Intelligenz des Kapitals” (in German) has been published by Edition Nautilus (March 2019).

His book “Das Kapital sind wir. Zur Kritik der digitalen Ökonomie” (in German) has been awarded the prize “Das politische Buch 2018” by Friedrich Ebert foundation. The book will be published in Spanish by Uruk in May 2019.

Timo Daum is an internationally esteemed lecturer. He teaches business informatics and topics related to the digital transformation.

Currently, he is teaching a seminar on digital Capitalism at Universität Hildesheim, and a workshop on “information, business models and use cases in digital capitalism” at Universität Leipzig.

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