Audiovisual Creation – Lectures and Workshops

Timo Daum gives talks about visual music, electronic music and the arts as well as video art and history. He celebrates workshops for audiovisual creation like the one at Universidad Nacionál Autónoma de Mejico in 2012.

Lecture Contents

  • Synesthesia in the arts
  • Visual music and video art
  • Time based media in the arts
  • Sound and video editing
  • History of club culture and VJing
  • Software and concepts for live performances
  • Generative Tools
  • Mapping, tracking, multi-screen

Selected Talks and Workshops

Timo Daum has celebrated several Talks, presentations and workshops on design, art and time based media over the years. Here’s a selection of those events:

  • Workshop on history and present of audiovisual art (together with Raul Bravo). BERLINER TECHNISCHE KUNSTSCHULE (Berlin), 2005
  • Talk on „Visual and Sound Design“. CAPE PENINSULA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Cape Town, RSA), 2006
  • Talk on „The Future Face of Digital Design“. MY MY. SPACE FOR THE ARTS, (Cape Town, RSA), 2007
  • Workshop on “Video Art, Visuals and VJing” (together with Verena Dauerer). HAMBURGER TECHNISCHE KUNSTSCHULE, TECHNISCHE KUNSTSCHULE ROSTOCK, 2007
  • Presentation on “Real time generative audiovisuals”. AVIT VJ Conference (Berlin).
  • Seminair on “Audiovisual Design and Live Cinema. UNAM, (Mexio City, Mexico) 2011